Discipleship/ Sunday School

Training and Consultation Options

(for Preschool, Children, Youth, Adults, or General Officers)

Consultations may include the following :

  • Curriculum Choices
  • Discipleship Strategy
  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Structure
  • Policies
  • Safety and Security
  • Space Analysis

Trainings may include the following:

  • Effective Teaching
    • Lesson Preparation
    • Using Lifeway curriculum (only by request/most trainings are non-specific)
    • Developing Biblical Literacy
    • Developing a Biblical Worldview
    • Understanding your Learners
  • Effective Outreach
    • Integrating the Gospel into Bible study lessons
    • How to share the Gospel and have Spiritual Conversations
    • How to Communicate with Prospects
    • Ways to Build Relationships with your Community
  • Using your Space to Teach Effectively
    • First Impressions
    • Setting up the Classroom for optimal Learning
    • Safety and Security
  • Effective Sunday School/Small Groups
    • The Basics of Sunday School
    • How to lead a Small Group
    • Building Relationships in your Group