Church Planting/Revitalization

Preparing churches and leaders for multiplication

The Church Planting department exists to carry out the Acts 1:8 strategy. Our mission is to discover, develop, and deploy the best possible resources and support systems for starting healthy, reproducing, evangelistic, Baptist congregations, wherever needed in Mississippi.

Planting new churches is important. It is one of the primary ways God brings new life to His church on earth. The early church, as described by Paul in Acts 2:42-47, was excited about and committed to multiplication.

We desire to see this same reaction spreading across our churches as they become involved in church planting and see God at work expanding His Kingdom. We resolve to accept nothing short of this type of movement across our state.

We seek to guide leaders as they help their churches to understand the Biblical commands of multiplication and the benefits to a local church from this commitment. Our hope is to provide several ways for a local church to take clear steps to begin a journey to become a multiplying church. This journey will require prayer, faith, leadership, and perseverance from the local church.

Mississippi Baptist’s help for churches making this journey will primarily be the 242 Network.

Church Planting Network