Bringing Help, Hope, and Healing in Jesus Name

To those experiencing natural and man-made disaster situations

We are Christian believers, affiliated with the Southern Baptist Churches of Mississippi, united in the desire to assist those impacted by disaster.

We are men and women from all walks of life, with diverse backgrounds, of varying ages, but joined together to make ourselves available in the name of Jesus to assist those affected by disasters in their time of need.

A stop light sign almost covered by flooding


Training and credentialing is required for all volunteers desiring to serve with Mississippi Baptist Disaster Relief.

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We work to assist those impacted by disaster through providing:

  • Feeding – MS Baptist Disaster Relief can support the physical needs of those affected by disaster situations or those responding to assist through the provision of up to 20,000 meals a day utilizing our mobile kitchens.
  • Chainsaw/Debris Removal – Utilizing trained volunteers equipped with chainsaws, heavy equipment, and the additional skills needed, our Disaster Relief teams assist homeowners with recovery through the removal of downed trees, debris, and damaged materials.
  • Assessment – Our Assessment Teams work to identify needs, recognize hazards, plan activities, and prioritize work requests to insure that assistance is rendered to those needing assistance in an efficient and effective method.
  • Temporary Roofing/Blue Tarp – Our Temporary Roofing teams work to assist homeowners in preventing further damage to properties that have suffered roof damage.
  • Flood Recovery – Flood Recovery Teams work to assist homeowners in removing the debris left by flood waters in affected properties.  The teams also work to remove materials and contents affected by flood waters and prevent mold development.
  • Chaplaincy – MS Baptist Disaster Relief is not only concerned for physical needs, but seeks to provide emotional and spiritual care for disaster survivors through the provision of trained chaplaincy teams.
  • Temporary Childcare – During disaster situations, normal childcare services may not be available.  MS Baptist Disaster Relief provides temporary childcare utilizing trained and credentialed volunteers who can assist with ministering to families and children impacted by the disaster.
  • Incident Management/Coordination – Coordination of responding volunteers, teams, and groups is essential for effective recovery.  MS Baptist Disaster Relief provides coordination and administration services for all our responders.
  • Shower/Laundry Services – Volunteer teams are available to provide a hot shower or clean clothes for survivors or volunteers responding to assist on disaster scenes.
  • Water Purification/Electrical Generation/Communication – Supporting recovery needs, MS Baptist Disaster Relief has the capacity to purify water, generate electricity, and provide communication services to volunteer operations and/or meeting survivor needs.
  • Repair/Rebuild – Through MS Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers and our affiliated ministries, homeowners can be provided assistance in making repairs and rebuilding their homes that were damaged/destroyed.

Our History

In 1967, Hurricane Beulah ravaged the Rio Grande Valley and northern Mexico. Robert E. (Bob) Dixon, had just moved from the First Baptist Church of Memphis, Tennessee, to work with Royal Ambassadors and Texas Baptist Men. Following the devastation of Hurricane Beulah, Dixon used camp craft skills and turned one-gallon cans into miniature stoves called “buddy burners,” which were used to prepare hot food for people affected by the disaster as well as the volunteer workers. Texas Baptist Men again provided hot meals and the love of God to disaster victims in response to a tornado that cut a deadly swath through Lubbock and the Hurricane Celia’s devastation of Corpus Christi. So began the tradition still followed today by Southern Baptist Disaster Relief – responding quickly to needs, setting up ministry in the midst of devastation, and providing for the physical and spiritual needs of disaster victims and relief workers.

By 1976, four more state Baptist conventions (Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Kansas/Nebraska) had established disaster relief mobile units and joined Texas in this new area of ministry. By 1988, nine more state Baptist conventions had joined the disaster relief ministry: Tennessee (1979), Alabama (1981), Illinois, Arkansas, North Carolina, Missouri, Kentucky, Florida, and Ohio.  Eventually, each of the 42 State Baptist Conventions affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention have developed Disaster Relief response capabilities.  This cooperative network of disaster response volunteers is recognized by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as one of the top 3 largest disaster response organizations in the United States alongside The Salvation Army and American Red Cross.