Consultant/Event Coordinators

  • Wyndy South – Area Keyboard Festivals, Clinics/workshops for accompanists, Young Musicians Honor Choir

Event Coordinators:

  • Barry Burris – Handbells
  • Hope Smith – SMACK camps
  • Jason Walker – HeartSong Worship Arts Camp
  • Elizabeth Knight – Mississippi Baptist All-State Youth Choir
  • Byron Green – Mississippi Baptist All-State Youth Orchestra, Mississippi Baptist Symphony Orchestra, Mississippi Singing Churchmen’s Instruments of Praise

For questions regarding:

  • Keyboard Festivals and Workshops
  • S.M.A.C.K. (Summer Music and Arts Camp for Kids)
  • Young Musicians Honor Choir
  • Mississippi Baptist Symphony Orchestra
  • Music Leadership Training for Bivocational & Volunteer Church Musicians
  • All-State Youth Choir & Orchestra
  • Handbell Festivals
  • HeartSong Youth Music & Worship Arts Camp
  • Mississippi Worship Conference – Training for All Church Musicians
  • Senior Adult Choir Festival

Please contact the Worship Ministries office at 601-292-3267 in Jackson or