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Every week, all across our state, evangelism is taking place in schools, hospitals, and in our churches and Sunday School rooms.

Mississippi counties map

people in MS say they have no personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

“…How shall they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without someone to tell them?…” Romans 10:14

We want to help you have beautiful feet!

Personal Evangelism

Tools and training to prepare God’s people for evangelism and to help them develop a passion to see the lost come to Christ.

Sports Evangelism

Use in sports and sporting events to open doors for witnessing and outreach

Youth Evangelism

Stay updated and download the latest in methods and events designed to effectively help you reach today’s youth.

Children’s Evangelism

Great tools for witnessing to children in a way that they will understand. Tools to help you be sure of their decision and help them begin discipleship.


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