Staff Directory

Tammy Anderson
 Executive Director-Treasurer, Women’s Ministries/Woman’s Missionary Union
Morris Baker
BSU Director, University of Mississippi
Michael Ball
BSU Director, Mississippi State University
Greg Barker
Director, Bivocational
John Bass
Maintenance Supervisor, MBCB
Cindy Bingham
Ministry Assistant/Central Hills Baptist Retreat
Rick Blythe
 Director, Stewardship/Prayer Ministry
Angie Boydstun
Consultant, Discipleship/Sunday School
Madison Bradford
Accountant, Financial Services
Bruce Brady
BSU Director, Copiah-Lincoln Community College
Beverly Bridges
Ministry Assistant, Men’s Ministries
Linda Burris
Ministry Assistant, Evangelism
Chris Burrows
BSU Director, Itawamba Community College
Tanner Cade
Director, Communication Services
Judy Chen
Ministry Assistant, Communication Services
Vesta Clary
Ministry Assistant to Chief Strategic Officer
Stan Davis
BSU Director, Pearl River Community College
Gary Davison
BSU Director, Hinds Community College
Jordan East
Mission Camp Director, Garaywa Camp & Conference Center
René Edwards
Ministry Assistant, Discipleship/Sunday School
Johnny Ervin
Director, Church Planting/Revitalization
Aaron Gantt
Maintenance Supervisor, Central Hills Baptist Retreat
Whitni Godbold
Ministry Assistant, Garaywa Camp and Conference Center
Ken Hall
Consultant / Student Ministry, Discipleship/Sunday School
Alex Hastings
Program Manager, Central Hills Baptist Retreat
Clay Hathcock
Maintenance, Central Hills Baptist Retreat
John M. Henry
Consultant, Construction and Disaster Relief Training, Disaster Relief
John W. Henry
Contract Consultant/Criminal Justice, Men's Ministries
Daniel Herndon
Associate BSU Director, Mississippi State University
Trey Hess
BSU Director, Southwest Mississippi Community College
Judy Hollis
Receptionist/Greeter, Communication Services
Molly Hopper
Ministry Assistant, Collegiate Ministry
Daniel Johnson
Associate BSU Director, University of Mississippi
Charles Jones
Contract Consultant / Criminal Justice, Men's Ministries
Bart Lambright
Graphic Artist, Graphic Design, Communication Services
Lisa Leavell
Ministry Assistant, Stewardship/Prayer Ministry
Michael Lee
Chief Strategy Officer
Elizabeth Lindigrin
Ministry Assistant, Leadership
Don Lum
Director, Evangelism
Lloyd Lunceford
Director, Collegiate Ministry
David MacLellan
BSU Director, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, Perkinston Campus
Jon Martin
Director, Men's Ministries
Tony Martin
Associate Editor, The Baptist Record
Amy Massey
Ministry Assistant, Women's Ministries & Women's Missionary Union
Cassie Munn
Ministry Assistant, Missions Mobilization
Slater Murphy
Director, Worship Ministries
Scheryl Ng
Ministry Assistant, Church Planting/Revitalization
John Pace
Director, Leadership
Dwayne Parker
Director, Discipleship/Sunday School
Shawn Parker
Executive Director-Treasurer, MBCB
William Perkins
Editor, The Baptist Record
Paul A. Pinson
Director, Financial Services
Frank Porter
BSU Director, Jones County Community College
Tasha Presson
Ministry Assistant, Discipleship/Sunday School
Mike Ray
Director, Missions Mobilization
Roddy Reed
Manager, Garaywa Camp and Conference Center
Josh Richards
Associate BSU Director, University of Southern Mississippi
Dana Richardson
Advertising Coordinator, The Baptist Record
Sabrina Riley
Food Service, Central Hills Baptist Retreat
Martha Russell
Mailroom Manager, Support Services, Communication Services
Tim Ruth
Financial Services Consultant/Procurement Officer, Financial Services
Barri A. Shirley
Chief Operating Officer
Trish Shotts
Director, Computer Information Services
Kere Smith
Maintenance, MBCB
Paula Smith
Ministry Assistant, Multicultural Ministries
Wyndy South
Contract Consultant-Keyboard/Preschool & Children's Music, Worship Ministries
Karen Sullivan
Ministry Assistant to Chief Operating Officer
Cathy Taylor
Ministry Assistant, Worship Ministries
Jennie Taylor
Associate Director, Collegiate Ministry
Maria Teel
Administrative Assistant, Executive Director-Treasurer, MBCB
Debbie Thomas
Programmer / Analyst, Computer Information Services
Gayla Thompson
Accountant, Financial Services
Shane Thrash
Camp Manager, Central Hills Baptist Retreat
Deanna Vail
Ministry Assistant, Disaster Relief
Wayne Vandiver
BSU Director, Northeast Mississippi Community College
Scott Vaughn
BSU Director, East Central Community College
Kris Walters
BSU Director, University of Southern Mississippi
Josh Warren
BSU Director, Mississippi Delta Community College
Hubert Yates
Director, Disaster Relief
Megan Young
Graphic Artist, Graphic Design