Board of Ministerial Education

The Board of Ministerial Education was founded by the Mississippi Baptist Convention in 1885 to help ministers secure a college education at one of our three Baptist institutions. We believe that a call to minister includes a call to prepare.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Ministerial Aid? 

Ministerial Aid is a financial aid program provided by the Mississippi Baptist Convention through funding provided by the Cooperative Program giving of local Mississippi Baptist churches. It is designated for ministerial students who attend Blue Mountain College, Mississippi College, and William Carey University.

How Can Ministerial Aid be Used? 

There are no restrictions on how ministerial aid is spent by the students. It can be used for tuition, rent, groceries, gasoline, medical expenses, etc. However, because these funds do go directly to the students, the IRS considers this taxable income and it must be included on a student’s annual tax form. Ministerial Aid does not apply against scholarship caps in place on some campuses.

How Can I Qualify for Ministerial Aid? 

The Board of Ministerial Education has a number of qualifications for students who receive ministerial aid. These include:

  1. Students must have made a public commitment to Southern Baptist ministry in the area of local church ministry, evangelism, North American missions, or International missions.
    • Student must have a verified statement from their pastor (on pastor’s reference form at the bottom of this page) saying they have met with the student and the student has expressed clearly their calling to vocational ministry.
    • Student must read and agree with Vocational Ministry Covenant.
    • Student must review document on Call to Ministry.
  2. Students must be undergraduates enrolled full-time at Blue Mountain College, Mississippi College, or William Carey University.
  3. Students must maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average.
  4. Students must be active members of a contributing Southern Baptist Church.
  5. Students must attend monthly meetings of their campus ministerial association.
  6. Students must take the three-hour course entitled “Baptist Work” or its equivalent.
  7. Students must conduct themselves according to scriptural morality and biblical ethics.

How Can I Apply for Ministerial Aid? 

Application for ministerial aid is available online in the link at the bottom of this page.  Using the online application is quick and easy.

Materials are also available on each of the three campuses when students enroll in school at the beginning of a term. At Blue Mountain College, the applications are in the Bible Department; at Mississippi College they are in the Department of Christian Studies; and at William Carey University, applications may be obtained in the Office of the Cooper School of Missions. Applications should be in no later than one week before campus interviews.  First time applicants are required to fill out an application and have a reference from their pastor including a statement that the student has met with them one on one and articulated their calling to vocational ministry. Student must also agree with the Vocational Ministry Covenant, which will be reviewed during their interview with a board member. Two other personal references are also required. Links to reference forms are provided online.

How Are the Funds Distributed? 

Ministerial aid checks are issued monthly during the academic year (September through May) and are given to the students through the Campus Representative.

Board of Ministerial Education Campus Representatives 

Blue Mountain College
Dr. Ronald Meeks
662.685.4771, ext. 179

Mississippi College
Dr. Wayne VanHorn —  LaJune White

William Carey University
Dr. Brett Golson

Board of Ministerial Education
P.O. Box 1843
Madison, MS 39130

Anne Albritton, Board Secretary


The Convention elects a Board of Ministerial Education, (hereinafter referred to as the Ministerial Board) of nine members; these are elected as provided in the charter of the Ministerial Board and the relevant articles of this Plan of Organization and Action and in the manner prescribed by the Bylaws of the Convention.

It is the function of the Ministerial Board to aid in the educating of such Baptist church-related vocational ministerial students as may apply to it for aid, and upon investigation, receive its approval.

The Ministerial Board has, as provided by its charter, power to receive donations, receive and hold real and personal estate; to receive personal and real property by bequest or device by last will and testament and to dispose of or transfer the same in accordance with the purpose and objects of the Ministerial Board. Moreover, the Ministerial Board has power and authority to receive and pass upon applications of Baptist church-related vocational ministerial students for assistance in securing education and to expend monies in the assistance of such students.

The Board of Ministerial Education works in cooperation with the Education Commission.

If you are a church-related vocation student interested in applying for aid, contact Anne Albritton at (601) 720-8675.