Church Treasurer Instruction

Mission gifts from churches are processed using a Receipt/Remittance Form (Pink Slip). A PDF version of the form is available. The below instructions should help you tell us how to apply your mission gifts. We will send you additional pink slips each month. Enclosed with your receipt each month is a return envelope for each Receipt/Remittance Form. Please use this envelope when sending your gifts. The Cooperative Program symbol on the front helps us quickly identify that the envelope contains a gift to missions.

  1. The left side is the receipt for gifts received from your church during the previous month. There will be a separate receipt for each day that gifts are received. For example, if you send gifts four times a month, you will receive four Receipt/Remittance Forms at the end of the month. Please check your Receipt for the previous month carefully, and keep this side for your records.
  2. The right side is a pre-printed remittance form for your use in the following month. Please detach the remittance part of the form from the receipt portion at the perforation.
  3. Your associational/church number is pre-printed on the remittance form. This number is used to code all records at the Baptist Building concerning your church’s gifts.
  4. The name of your church and association is also pre-printed on the remittance form. This number is used to code all records at the Baptist Building concerning your church’s gifts.
  5. The $_______________Total line should match the total amount of your check. Only one check, made payable to the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board, is necessary for all gifts listed on this form.
  6. List the amount to be credited to each designation on the appropriate line. Any monies received which are not specifically designated will go to the Cooperative Program. The total of all designations must match the total at the top and the amount of the check.
  7. The line immediately under Associational Missions is for any specially designated gifts to your local association, such as Building Funds or World Mission Conferences. Please identify any special designation on this line.
  8. Under “Others” is pre-printed any special designations that your church made during the previous month. For example, designations made to a BSU, World Hunger, or specific mission activity would be listed here for your convenience. If your church does not wish to give to this item again, just leave the amount line blank and it will not appear on the remittance for the next month. You may continue to write in any other special designations in this area.
  9. The name of the individual at your church receiving the Receipt/Remittance Form each month will be pre-printed at the bottom of the form. If there are any changes to the name or address of this individual, please make corrections on this form.

Thank you!

Please allow us this opportunity to express to you, the church treasurer, our sincere appreciation for the task you perform. It is an invaluable service to your church and our denomination. We hope that our forms and envelopes are helpful to you. If you have any questions about the forms, procedures, or other matters concerning your church’s gifts to missions, please call, write, or e-mail Financial Services.

If you have any questions about your church’s gifts, please e-mail Gayla Thompson.