Challenge To Build


The Challenge to Build program is a proven, low-cost, effective way to reduce debt or raise finances for building. This is a cost-recovery area of our ministry, and we would love to sit down with your church and discuss how we can help. All pre-campaign consultations are provided at no cost to the church.


To help churches raise the spiritual level of commitment for giving among members.


Mississippi Baptist churches, pastors, deacons, financial planning leaders.


A three- to four-month schedule: A financial analysis, enlisting and training of workers, preparing a brochure, and prayer visits. This is followed by a five-week communications program, which includes Sunday School lessons, testimonies, and sermons. Following the church-wide banquet and children’s party, each member will be contacted and asked to make a three-year financial commitment. A church consultant will be assigned to your church to guide you through each step.

Suggested agenda

1 to 1½ hours will be needed to sit down with your deacons, Steering Committee, and Building Committee to explain in detail the Challenge to Build program.