Discipleship PastorFull-Time

FBC Cleveland

Bible Study Groups

Develop and lead our church in a gospel-centered discipleship strategy from Kids Ministry to Senior Adults that is consistent with the values and mission of the church.
Oversee the leadership and curriculum for all Bible Study groups.
Recruit and train teachers for all Bible Study groups.
Create an effective Bible Study leadership development process.
Ensure sound doctrine is maintained in all teaching environments in the church.
Develop healthy relationships with Bible Study leaders and ensure they are well-resourced to succeed in their groups.

Develop and lead our church in a strategy to help guests feel welcomed, take next steps, get connected in Bible Study groups, and engaged in service.

Ensure that every member is well trained to serve the church, share the gospel, and disciple others.
Regularly assess the current needs of the body and provide training accordingly.
Develop classes and training to better equip our church to make disciples.
Ministry Teams and Committees:
Determine the ministry needs of our church, help members identify their gifting, and develop systems to help people serve.

General Pastoral
This position is first and foremost a pastoral position. Therefore there are several pastoral duties that this person will be expected to perform.

Lead the procurement and distribution process for all learning materials
Coordinate the production of church publications
Perform Pastoral duties