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Utica Baptist Church

Utica Baptist Church of Utica, Mississippi, is a 195-year-old church with a desire to take the love of Christ to our community and our world. Upon the recent retirement of our pastor of fourteen years, we are prayerfully seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance in finding God’s new man for our church. Through the years, we have seen our congregation grow smaller as people have passed away or moved away. Yet, though we have declined in numbers, we believe we have grown in our understanding of God’s purpose for His people. Now, we are ready for another kind of growth, an outward growth, as we seek to serve our community more fully. As you pursue God’s call on your life, if you delight in studying and preaching God’s Word, have a heart for an aging congregation, and desire to take God’s people to new places, please consider our church and pray for us as we seek God’s will. For questions about this position or our church, please email us at womack.vicki@gmail.com. You may send a resume digitally through this post, or you may mail a resume to Search Committee, Utica Baptist Church, P. O. Box 205, Utica, MS 39175.