Minister of MusicBivocational/Part-Time

Eastwood Baptist Church

Eastwood Baptist Church is located in Indianola, MS. We are prayerfully seeking the person God has in store to lead us in our time of worship and song. The principal function will be to assist in church planning, conduct and evaluate a comprehensive music ministry to include and involve all age groups, and administering the church music program. The Minister of Music shall be considered a member of church staff. This is a part-time salaried position; salary recommended by the Finance Committee and approved by the church.
Some of the responsibilities include:
Planning and coordinating music ministry operations and coordinate with the church yearly calendar. Work and participate with the Audio-visual committee. Serves under the Pastor in planning/selecting music for the congregational services of the church. Be available for weddings, funerals, special projects, and other church related activities as needed. Coordinate performances of groups or individuals for the church. Maintain a music library and prepare an annual budget. Serve as a member of the church council. Most of all to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.