Minister of MusicEither

Wynndale Baptist Church

Wynndale BC meets each Sunday morning for Sunday School at 9AM and Worship at 10:30AM. The Adult Choir meets for rehearsal each Wednesday night from 6pm-7pm. Our attendance on Sunday mornings is around 300 and consists mainly of middle age to senior adults. The adult choir has around 30-35 active members who lead our congregation in worship each Sunday morning. Our worship style could be considered blended with mostly songs selected through Lifeway Worship. The previous M/M was here for 16 years before transitioning to heaven as a result of a fatal case of Pancreatic Cancer. Our Personnel Committee has decided to look for the “right person” as opposed to seeking strictly a part time person or a full time person. If we find the right person, THEN we will decide whether that person will occupy a full or part time position. The person must be able to work with choirs of all ages, handbells, and orchestra members. A seminary degree is not required but is certainly a plus. There is no age range for this person and the salary will be commensurate with their experience and education. The church has an annual budget of 850k. The church has a full time pastor (Jerry L Smith, Phd) who has served the congregation for the last 18 years; and the church has recently called a young married couple to the full time position of Students/Children. The church has a dedicated building that serves as the choir suite and is used for all rehearsals.

Interested candidates may email their resume to