Minister to Families and StudentsFull-Time

Long Beach First Baptist Church

FBC Long Beach is searching for a Minister to Families and Students.
The person occupying this position must be:
-A professing Christian who is ordained and/or licensed to the gospel ministry.
-Possess a bachelor’s or advanced degree from an accredited institution in fields related to family ministry.
-Completed or nearing completion of a Seminary degree in Christian ministry.
-Able to develop, conduct, evaluate, and promote family-centric programs, with an emphasis on student ministry.
-Provide training, resources, and instruction for ministry leaders and volunteers within the family ministries.
-Develop and implement programs such as marriage conferences and parenting workshops to strengthen family bonds.
-Plan and coordinate special projects and ministries for families focusing on the needs of families.
-Organize and lead special events and ministries throughout the year to shepherd students’ spiritual development.
-Actively seek opportunities to engage students and their families both inside and outside the church through events, outreach, small groups, and school/community functions.
-Provide counseling and opportunities for discipleship to students and their families.
-Be available to preach at any gathering as requested by the Senior Pastor.

Interested candidates: send a cover letter with your resume digitally through this post, or mail the cover letter with your resume to the Student Minister Search Committee, P. O. Box 338, Long Beach, MS 39560.