Summerland Baptist Church

For over 100 years, Summerland Baptist Church has served the Summerland community and surrounding communities. We are located at 80 SCR 28-4 in Taylorsville, MS and serve a multiple county area due to the church’s close proximity to Jones, Jasper, Covington and Smith Counties. We are a multi-generational church with ministries and activities directed to reach all ages and to prepare them to grow to become disciples of Christ. We are seeking, with much prayer for God’s direction, a pastor that can be a shepherd to our church family and that will utilize our four person staff to fulfill the Great Commission and to live the Great Commandment of Jesus Christ our Lord. Seminary education is preferred. We have a church parsonage. Interested candidates can send their resume by email to and put Pastor Search Committee in the subject line or mail their resume to Summerland Baptist Church, Pastor Search Committee, 80 SCR 28-4, Taylorsville, MS 39168