Ingalls Avenue Baptist Church

General Description of Responsibilities
The Senior Pastor is the spiritual leader of the church. He is responsible to the Lord and the
church to primarily proclaim the gospel and teach the Bible. He is to be engaged in pastoral
care, provide supervisory and administrative leadership in all areas of congregational care
including paid and volunteer staff.
Pastoral Requirements and Responsibilities:
• Plan and conduct worship services: prepare and deliver sermons and lead observances
of the church by-laws.
• Lead the church in an effective evangelism program and in a caring ministry for those in
the church and the community.
• Lead an effective program of visiting sick and shut-in members and prospects.
• Conduct counseling sessions.
• Lead the church in planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and evaluating all church
programs and ministries in conjunction with Deacon and Trustee Boards.
• Cooperate with the local association, state convention, and National Baptist Convention
leadership in matters of mutual interest and concerns.
• Represent the church in civic matters.
• Act as moderator of the church business meeting.
• Work with deacons, board of trustees, and committees/auxiliaries as
they perform their assigned responsibilities.
• Serve as administrator of the paid church staff; supervise the work of the ministry staff,
both volunteer and paid ministers and directors.