Cedar Grove Baptist Church

We are looking for a God-Called, Spiritual leader who can lead our church into the future with conviction, foresight, and humility. The ideal candidate will be a motivated, biblically devoted teacher who can relate to the members of our church community. He is to answer to the Lord and the church to profess the gospel and instruct the Bible. We are looking for a faithful leader who can heal and unify our church under the Lord.

• Act as the Spiritual leader of the church.

• Organize and direct worship services (Sunday morning/night & Wednesday night), compose and deliver sermons, and lead in acknowledgement of church ordinances.

• Work with church officers, deacons, and other committees as they strive to carry out their duties and responsibilities.

• Serve as mediator of the church business meeting.

• Direct the church in planning, coordinating, and evaluating the overall program of the church.

• Be effective in visiting church members and potential members, performing counseling sessions, and conducting wedding and funeral ceremonies.

• Lead the church in an effectual evangelism program, while providing an attentive ministry to members of the church and surrounding community.

Interested candidates may email their resume to