Mountain Creek Baptist Church

Mountain Creek Baptist church was founded in 1846. We are a small country church with 150 members. Our church is well established in the community. Our focus is on teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ through prayer ,worship, and bible study. We believe in the power of fervent prayer. We encourage one another in love and share the blessing of joy as well as the struggles of the Christain life. Currently we are working to regain church and Sunday school attendance lost as a result of COVID-19. Our vision is growth in attendance and membership, with primary emphasis on our young people. We would like to increase participation in all mission minded works as well. We are prayerfully seeking a Pastor to lead us in growing our church. We are located in a thriving community with ample opportunity for growth which is beneficial to our church. We seek a Pastor that is dedicated to preching the true gospel of Jesus Christ. One who is passionate about strengthening our young people to become mature disciples of Christ. And a Pastor that is unfaltering in leading people to salvation through Christ. Our church grounds consist of the church, sanctuary, classrooms,choir room, nursery and office. Our fellowship hall is located behind the church. It is equipped with a full kitchen and dining area. In addition we have classrooms up stairs. Another building sits adjacent to the church. This is where the Pastors study is located. We also have a church parsonage.