Senior PastorEither

FBC Abbeville, MS

First Baptist Church Abbeville is located in the town of Abbeville, MS, approximately 10 miles north of Oxford, MS. FBC Abbeville is seated in a prime location to reach the people of a major college town, providing endless ministry opportunities from young to old. FBC Abbeville is an established, multi-generational church, with abundant ministries to reach our community for Christ.
The duties of the pastor are as follows: he is to teach and proclaim the Gospel (II Timothy 4:2), he is to superintend the work of the church (I Timothy 3 1-6), he is to be the shepherd of the flock (I Peter 5:2), and he is to serve the people for Jesus’ sake (Matthew 20: 25-26 ; I Timothy 4:6).
FBC Abbeville is prayerfully seeking the direction that God has for us in order to find the next pastor of our church that will be responsible for leading our church family, as well as fulfilling the Great Commission to reach all ages in our wonderful community for Christ.
Seminary education is preferred. A parsonage is available, however, a housing allowance is possible. For questions regarding this position at our church, please email to reach Scott Hollowell, member of the pastor search committee. Interested candidates can send resumes through this post, or email them to the previously mentioned email address.
Please join us in prayer as search for the next pastor that God has for our wonderful church.