Worship PastorFull-Time

Carterville Baptist Church

Roles and Responsibilities:

I. Worship Leadership
Plan and arrange worship services at Carterville
Direct choirs, bands, volunteers and congregational singing in our worship services
Work with the Lead Pastor in selecting music for regular and special worship services including weddings, funerals, and special projects
Work with the ministerial staff on special music needs in the total church program
Keep informed on music methods, materials, promotion and administration

II. Worship Administration
Coordinate the music program with the organizational calendar and emphases of the church
Supervise the work of the worship ministry staff
Enlist and train leaders for worship ministry
Prepare and administrate the annual music budget for worship ministries
Monitor the purchasing, maintenance, and replacement of all music-related equipment, supplies and instruments
Cooperate with associational and state leaders in promoting activities of mutual interest
Oversee technology needed for worship ministry

III. Pastoral Ministry
Personally invest in other kingdom leaders at Carterville for the discipleship of our church family especially in regard to worship staff, interns, volunteers, etc…
Perform services ascribed to ordained ministers including but not limited to hospital visitation, church member visitation, aid in worship services as requested, and any other duties requested by the Lead Pastor.