Youth PastorEither

Clear Creek Baptist Church

• Develop goals and an outreach plan for children, youth, and families who are non-believers or unchurched.
• Oversee the discipleship of children, youth, and families while discipling parents to lead, teach, and encourage their children in their spiritual growth.
• Execute a student visitation program, student ministry camps, retreats, mission trips, youth fund raisers, work projects, parent/student activities, VBS and special studies to meet the goals of spiritual growth, evangelism, disciple making, building up the student community and fulfilling our Great Commission calling.
• Cultivate mentoring relationships with children, youth, parents, and families throughout the week.
• Find creative ways to impact public schools by developing relationships with schools in the community and creating outreach opportunities.
• Recruit, train, support, evaluate, and affirm others to teach students/families, serve on the Youth Committee, and other leadership roles related to family ministry, in cooperation with the Nominating Committee and Pastor.
• Integrate student ministry into all phases of church life to create a culture that is intentionally intergenerational, striving to unite with and complement other church ministries.
• Arrange for a monthly report to be given at the Church Business meeting and regularly communicate with all stakeholders using various platforms (email, social media, newsletters, etc.).
• Display a Christ-like approach and lifestyle