Ministers in Forced Termination

Many pastors and ministers will find themselves in very difficult situations at some point in their ministry. Sadly, some of these moments will lead them to face “forced termination” or being forced to resign their ministry position. Our Pastor/Leadership Development Department is available to provide guidance, encouragement, and assistance to ministers facing this difficult transition and trial in life and ministry. Ministers can contact us for help with various issues of importance at this time, including preparing and updating a resume, submitting a resume to our MBCB Resume Service, praying for and seeking God’s next ministry assignment, emotional healing and assistance, and discussion on the practical questions of housing, employment, and family transition.

The Mississippi Baptist Convention Board, through our department, also has funds available to assist qualifying ministers who are terminated without severance pay. Interested ministers can contact our department for discussion about their situation and needs. To be eligible for these funds, the applicant must be an ordained minister affiliated with the MBCB. After this initial discussion, eligible ministers will be sent an application to be completed by the minister, returned to our department, which will then be reviewed and processed by our director and MBCB leadership.