Quiet Place Ministry

The Pastor/Leadership Development Department has arranged with our Baptist assembly and retreat centers to provide, without cost, lodging for pastors and staff members who experience unusual stress in their ministry and need a short time for rest, prayer, and renewal. Just as our Lord often “slipped away to deserted places for prayer” [Luke 5:16], your convention and department provides this for our ministers and their spouses to be strengthened and helped in the life and ministry.

Procedures for Participation in This Ministry:

  • The minister contacts their Associational Missions Director (AMD) regarding his need, and dates and facilities requested.
  • The AMD calls our P/LD office to inform us of the need, and then sends a letter of recommendation.
  • Our office then contacts the retreat centers about available dates and space, and provides the name of the minister and spouse.
  • Our office then informs the minister of available space, and guides them to call the director of the center to make reservations and arrangements.