Mobilization Resources


Missions Mobilization Videos Here you will find a collection focusing on Mississippi Mission efforts.

PRAYERCAST is a great resource of prayer videos with scenes for almost every nation, major world religious groups, some cities, and a wealth of resources for praying for Muslims.

Research and Information

Joshua Project is a tremendous resource for information for the all the people groups in the world regarding location, language, maps, statistics and videos.

People Groups is another good location for researching peoples by affinity, geographic location, clusters, and other resources.

Operation World is also a good source for people group and regional information. The book, “Operation World”, has long been used as a primary source of research in missions.

Geography Now on YouTube Not a Christian or missions site, however, it is a great introductory resource for learning some history/geography/culture for most countries in a quick paced video format.

IMB Resources

Topics on specific ideas for engaging in cross-cultural missions.

Courses to help engage in more in-depth training to equip with tools for cross-cultural work at home and internationally. These can be done individually or as a group, including discipleship, exploring missions, and training mission teams.

Mission Trip Training Course– 7-session online training that is helpful in getting your team ready for the journey, and it gives you the ability to track their progress. Be sure to create a group for your church so you can administer it.

Leader’s Guide: Mission Team Training Companion guide for the leader of the Mission Trip Training course.

Explore Missions – 6 week course for an overview of missions, consisting of five sessions per week for six weeks (total of 30 sessions), so it will be like taking a short course online at a community college. This would be great training for church leaders as well as people preparing to serve for a summer or semester overseas.

Deepen Discipleship – An intensive and interactive discipleship process (6 months) that we ask churches to use to train prospective missionaries. It deals with the understanding and lifestyle that prepare followers of Christ for both local and global disciple-making in the context of local church community.

Other Training Options

Perspectives A 15 week study that focuses on 4 “Perspectives” of missions engagement: Biblical, Historical, Cultural, and Strategic. This course is done in a real class type setting across the nation, offered in Mississippi usually once a year.

Kairos A nine session course that seeks to educate, inspire and challenge followers of Christ to participate in God’s heart for the nations.

Missio Nexus The largest association of Great Commission churches and organizations in North America that focuses on the global Great Commission. MissioNexus seeks to be a catalyst for sharing ideas about the great unfinished task.

Dependency Issues

Helping Without Hurting in Short-Term Missions – Book – Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert

Helping Without Hurting – Video Series on YouTube – These might be used in team training in helping develop a healthy perspective for “helping” those in need.

Dependency – Missions Round Table Video presentation presenting stories, concrete examples and case studies illustrating how easy it is to develop dependency.

Books: Helpful for church mission teams

Foreign to Familiar – This book helps the reader to have a greater appreciation of other cultures and develop our desire to understand them.

Serving with Eyes Wide Open – I recommend this book that can help your team become more effective by opening eyes to global realities and Western assumptions about short-term missions.

Before You Go – Could it be that the heart preparation is more important than it is given credit for? This book is something you might use to guide your team on a 40 day journey that deals with attitudes and issues that might you or your group ineffective on the field.

Tradecraft – Certain skills are needed in order to cross cultures and effectively share the gospel. This book is a very good resource for helping to develop tools and skills in those called to be involved in missions.