CP Generosity Impact Report 2023 Template

Instructions for the Generosity Impact Report:

  • Download the Generosity Impact Report and save the document to your computer.
  • Once saved (always saved) open the document.
  • Click on the first page and from your saved pictures on your computer plug in a picture of the church.
  • On the second page click on the small rectangular box and plug in a picture of the pastor. There is space for the pastor to write a thank you note to the congregation thanking them for their generosity.
  • Also, on the second page is space to highlight the various missions and ministries carried on by the church. Celebrate the victories and baptisms.
  • On the last page is a rectangular box. Click on the box and insert a picture of the church budget or any other information you might want to communicate with the membership.
  • You can save the finished document to your computer and email to the church members or print off hard copies and mail

Click to download