Supplemental Income and Health Benefit Options for Ministers

Hey, Pastor and Staff Member!

Would you like to enrich your ministry and better provide for your family?
Is providing health insurance for your family a struggle?
Is there still some month left when the money runs out?

You may be among the rising number of pastors and staff members who do not have an adequate salary and health insurance for their families. We have some good news for you. Many full-time and bivocational ministers in our state enjoy a fulfilling ministry with supplemental income and health insurance/benefits from the following options.

Supplemental Income and Health Benefit Options for Ministers

School Bus Drivers

  • School Bus drivers are covered by state health insurance.
  • Drivers may cover their family members at their expense for a reasonable cost.
  • The hours and responsibilities are compatible with a full-time ministry.
  • A critical shortage exists in all school systems for competent drivers.
  • Contact local school administrators or transportation directors fro more information.

Substitute School Teachers

  • School teaching multiplies the number of opportunities to minister in the community.
  • Substitute teaching can supplement a minister’s income.
  • The minister can retain the freedom to choose the days and times for teaching availability.
  • Contact school principals for more information on being approved as a substitute teacher.

Substitute Postal Employees

  • For more information on this employment, contact the local postmaster.

Home Health Care Chaplains

  • Home health care agencies employ ministers to provide pastoral care for their patients.
  • This position allows schedule flexibility, unique ministry opportunities and added income. For more information, contact a local home health care agency.

Correctional Facility Chaplains

  • Chaplain positions exist in correctional facilities across the state.
  • For more information, contact Ken Rhodes, associate executive director of the Mission Strategy division.

This information is provided by Michael Lee, Pastor/Leadership Development Department. For health, life and disability insurance information, contact Tim Ruth, Financial Services Department or call 601-292-3297. These supplemental income and health insurance options may apply to all ministers and situations.

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Vesta Clary, ministry assistant
direct line: 601-292-3305