Annual Church Profile

“Why is the ACP so important?”

The ACP is essentially a “snapshot” of congregational statistics, providing objective information that has several benefits for local churches, associations, and the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board:

  1. Allows leaders to track the relative health of a congregation or association over time.
  2. Provides solid data for planning ministry and outreach strategies.
  3. Serves as “talking points” when meeting with prospective pastors or church staff.
  4. Data increasingly required in order to secure loans for building projects.
  5. Assist in both church planting AND revitalization as congregation seeks to reach their community context.
  6. Determines the number of messengers a church is allowed to send to the MBCB Annual Meeting.
  7. Helps associations and the MBCB to plan strategies and support to existing ministries, as well as identify potential needs for increased targeted missions and ministries.
  8. MBCB archives the data for the church in the event that church records are lost due to theft, fire, or natural disaster.
  9. MBCB can provide 10- and 20-year histories to church leadership to support all of the items above.

Please know:

ACP Packets are distributed by Baptist associational offices to churches in their association during August and September each year.

For questions regarding ACP, please contact your local association or Vesta Clary at the MBCB ( or 601-292-3310).