Multicultural Ministries

Through English as a Second Language and Intercultural Fellowships we are reaching out to over 80 nationalities living in our State. The opportunities are unlimited and the people are very open. Your Association could be the springboard to help our churches reach parts of the world we could never get to physically.

WMU Can Assist You

WMU assists ethnic congregations to develop culturally-relevant missions education. This is accomplished by developing leaders, customizing missions resources, providing missions opportunities, and networking.

The Missions Plan Book, created by national WMU, is a tool containing twelve months of missions education material in Basic English. It has Bible studies, prayer helps, ministry ideas, and stories of missionaries. To purchase a copy, go to

Prayer guides and posters are also available in various languages for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® for International Missions in December, the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering ® for North American Missions in March, and the Margaret Lackey State Missions Offering in September.

Multicultural Leaders and You

The challenge of so many ethnic groups coming to the US has presented us with a myriad of opportunities. Many of those who come are already devoted Christians. Language churches have suddenly appeared in even the smallest of towns in the US. The question is: How do we minister alongside them? Before you reach out, be sure to pray and ask God to open the door. Also realize that reaching out to a language church is a commitment of time, resources, and personnel. Get to know the pastor of the language church. Find out what the church is already doing in missions. Share worship and fellowship experiences. Include language church representation on your associational leadership team.

For more information please contact

Maria Teel, MS WMU/WM at 601-292-3201