Annie Armstrong Offering

Annie Armstrong was the founder of the modern Woman’s Missionary Union and served as its first Corresponding Secretary. To understand Annie Armstrong is to understand the zeal for missions that has characterized the WMU organization since it’s founding in 1888.

Immediately after the organization of WMU in 1888, Miss Armstrong was asked to work on getting a missionary to relieve Lottie Moon in China. She had worked for 13 years without furlough. Miss Moon had written many letters urging the organization of Southern Baptist Women.

The home mission offering became an annual event. The (then) Home Mission Board….read more

Edwina Robinson WMU Offering

The MS WMU Edwina Robinson Offering (ERO) is a churchwide offering sponsored by MS WMU/Women’s Ministries. The offering helps Mississippi Baptist churches to provide missions compassion, discipling, encouragement and connections to offering recipients. The ERO emphasis is suggested for May, but can be scheduled anytime…read more

Lottie Moon Offering

The Lottie Moon Christmas offering remains the lifeline of international missions. As always, 100 percent of the offering goes to the international missions budget. This pays for the missionaries’ language studies, travel and other items to make their ministry possible. It also pays for more basic needs…it pays their salaries, food, rent, clothing, and helps put their children through school. Your offering does all these things so the missionaries will not have to work one or more extra jobs just to survive. It preserves their calling by allowing…read more

Margaret Lackey Offering Offering

In past years the Margaret Lackey State Mission Offering was promoted in August-September, but the offering has now become a year-round mission endeavor. The Margaret Lackey State Mission Offering helps Mississippians learn about missions, pray for missions, give to missions, and participate in missions.

The Margaret Lackey Offering is the primary funding stream for key missional emphases to support efforts…read more

World Hunger

GHR(Global Hunger Relief) is an initiative of Southern Baptists that was formerly known as the World Hunger Fund. GHR-funded projects combat hunger in North America and around the world in a wide variety of ways, from from disaster relief…read more

BCV Mother’s Day Offering

Many have worked to sustain the ministry of The Baptist Children’ s Village since 1897, because Mississippi children and families need help and hope.  Each child and each family we serve have very specific needs, therefore, we develop…read more