Church Missions Leadership 2020-2021 Update Form

If you are not the current Church WMU Director, please allow the current WMU Director or Church Office to complete this form. Mississippi WMU serves Mississippi churches in a variety of ways. It has come to our attention that we need to make some changes to our Mail File Data in order to serve our churches better. For instance in many churches Girls in Action now comes under the Children’s Department in the church rather than WMU. In addition, in many churches the individual responsible for sending in orders for missions offering resources is no longer the WMU Director, but another church leader. We hope these changes will help us to serve you in a more effective way. In an attempt to be better stewards, we are asking for email addresses; this will enable us to correspond via email updates. Please notify MS WMU if this information changes during the year by or calling 601-292-3336

Please list one person per position unless we have provided space for more than one, as in Women on Mission Leader. Please complete this entire form. Summer  Camp information is mailed to the Children’s Missions Leader; if you fail to include their information, they will not receive this information. Write N/A for those positions that are not applicable for your church.