Instructions for the Generosity Impact Report:

  • Download the Generosity Impact Report and save the document to your computer.
  • Once saved (always saved) open the document.
  • Click on the first page and from your saved pictures on your computer plug in a picture of the church.
  • On the second page click on the small rectangular box and plug in a picture of the pastor. There is space for the pastor to write a thank you note to the congregation thanking them for their generosity.
  • Also, on the second page is space to highlight the various missions and ministries carried on by the church. Celebrate the victories and baptisms.
  • On the last page is a rectangular box. Click on the box and insert a picture of the church budget or any other information you might want to communicate with the membership.
  • You can save the finished document to your computer and email to the church members or print off hard copies and mail

Cooperative Program Resources

The following materials are available through the Stewardship & Cooperative Program Department as you promote CP in your church or association:

Miscellaneous Resources

CP Spreadsheet – This customized report shows how your church’s CP gifts are distributed. One spreadsheet will be sent to you to make additional copies from.View a Mississippi Baptist Convention Cooperative Program spreadsheet and budget report

CP Bulletin Cover – Use to print your budget for presentation to the church or as a Sunday bulletin cover. Back page includes Mississippi CP budget information. Size 8½” × 11”.

In addition to these resources, be sure to visit where you may download free resources, such as posters, videos, or children’s CP lessons, or purchase resources such as CD’s.

For more information about the Cooperative Program, please contact the Stewardship and CP Promotion Department.